Alpin Spa

Enjoy two spa areas at the Alpin Hotel Sonnblick on the Kronplatz and relax in 7 saunas and 3 pools.

Relax, recover, take a break…

Devote some time to you – to your body, your soul and your spirit.

Luxuriate in our Alpin Spa

Map of the wellness area of the Hotel Sonnblick
  1. Ice Pool
  2. Herbal bio sauna
  3. Steam bath
  4. Pine organic sauna
  5. Infrared sauna
  6. Massage room
  7. Waterbeds
  8. Relaxation area in pine
  9. Outdoor area with loungers
  10. Finnish sauna-bath
  11. Relaxation area
  12. Kneipp basin
  13. Wonderful showers
  14. Dressing Room
  15. Tea corner
  16. Showers
  17. WC
  18. Saunaroom with wather well
  19. Heat bench
  20. Outdoor sole attraction basin


...a world of water, heat, aromas, light and music. 

Relax in our whirlpool

The cold water pool is used to revitalize the body after a sauna session. The temperature change stimulates the metabolism, gets the circulation going and alleviates lymphatic congestion.
Temperature: about 10 - 12°C


Bio sauna/herbal sauna
2. Herbal Bio sauna

Our biosauna-bath will not disappoint you. Thanks to the inner humid (humidity about 45%) climate and to a temperature for 60°C approx., you can sweat much with your pleasure. The inhalation of the therapeutic herbs and flower fragrance will increase your wellness.

Herbal steam bath
3. steam bath

A full treatment bath combining a medium radiating warmth (42 - 50°C) with steam (humidity about 95%). Your skin will find again its smoothness, and your airways will be regenerated and detoxicated.

4. Pine organic sauna

In our Pine Organic Sauna you can experience the nature of South Tyrol with all your senses. Be spoilt by the fragrance and ambience of this natural, local wood! If the Finnish sauna is too hot and dry for you then you will find the 65°C and 25% humidity of the Organic Sauna particulary pleasant.

Infrared sauna
5. infrared sauna

For a particularly gentle sauna experience, you must go to our infrared booth where pleasant sweating, through the Infrared technique, starts at a temperature between as low as 35°C and 50°C.


Relaxation area in pine
8. Relaxation area in pine

Your mind and spirit will benefit from the different bath treatments, with numerous fragraces, oils, essences, colours and relaxing music. To maximise these effects, you should take valuable rest. Discorver the joy of taking things easy. 

Finnish sauna-bath
10. Finnish sauna-bath

The sauna-bath alternates warmth to cold. Thank to a radiating warmth for 85 - 100°C and an air humidity for 5 - 11%, your body will be warmed for a long time. Thanks to the constant temperature lowering with cold water and air, the circulation will be reactivated and your immunitary defences will be strengthened.

12. Kneipp-facilities

The basis for the beneficial and healthy effects of the Kneipp-Facilities, that are equipped with special stones of a brook, is the alternation of warm and cold water.
Duration: 5 - 15 minutes
Temperature: 15 - 38°C

Wonderful showers
13. Wonderful showers

A fresh drizzle will regenerate your body thank to the powerful ice-mint refresher. Warm and lovely drops will pet you. 

Heat bench
19. Heat bench

The radiated warmth of the heat bench is comparable to the heat quality of the good old tiled stove. In contrast to the air, which is hardly heated, all solid objects are comfortably warmed in this process. Duration: as required; just for telaying or after different bathing applications. Temperature: 37 - 39°C.

Sole Pool
20. Outdoor sole attraction pool

Relax and enjoy unde the open sky in our new sole attraction pool with 34°C and different massage facilies. The Sole bath also has an effect on the whole body and supports the healing process of countless diseases.



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